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Signalshaper | Korg MS-20M sequencing with SQ-1


SQ-1-Gate > MS-20-M Junction in > Junction out > Trig in (Lower most)
SQ-1-CV-A Out > MS-20-M Junction in > Junction out > Total (or Freq for use with MG)


CV-out to TOTAL. You can also use FREQ for weird sequencing with the modulation generator.


Use the Frequency Modulation (MG/T.EXT) knob. Turn it open for affecting the pitch. On the SQ-1 you can adjust the different pitch for each note.

SignalShaper | Korg MS-20M… :-)



Just arrived: a secondhand Korg MS-20 M (desktop).

Compared with my Korg MS-20 Mini the full size Korg MS-20 M is completely different  sounding.

Very low bass, lush, more detail, almost noiseless on rev1, no noise on rev 2… PWM… FM…

The cool looking MS-20 Mini is a noisy (design fault?) more nasal, raw screamer.

I’m a little bit disappointed with the Mini, it feels like a toy now. Stroke of luck: mini’s modwheel is working with the MS-20 M…

Or… the Korg MS-20 Mini has its own charm?